DON’T File a Patent! Expanded 3rd Edition is the first and only book that shows you why NOT to file a utility patent application on your invention. In this book, you will learn that the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO aka Patents Office) wants your money, not your invention. You will see the obstacles the USPTO uses to discourage inventors with their repeated Office Action rejections. To continue the process, inventors have to re-submit their patent applications and pay thousands in additional legal fees. Frequently, the inventor is forced to abandon his application, out of frustration or by running out of money.

Many inventors who create innovative intellectual property like patents, trademarks and copyrights file for a patent thinking they are buying “protection” against copycats. However, patents do not prevent copycats. There is no “Patent 911” to call, nor does the Patent Office send out the “Patent Police” to arrest the copycat. A Utility Patent is really just an expensive and worthless piece of paper that only gives the inventor the right to sue. However, patent infringement lawsuits cost millions of dollars, which few inventors can afford.

DON’T File a Patent! is two great books in one. This book also has a marvelous foreword from Patent Attorney Patrick Anderson of Texas. PART 1 of this book describes 10 reasons why not to file a patent on an invention. You’ll learn that it is up to the inventor to file expensive patent infringement lawsuits, as the Patent Office does not do any enforcing. You’ll learn the only one that will make any money in a patent infringement lawsuit will be your patent attorney. You’ll see that Judgments gained as a result of expensive patent litigation are worthless, as they are impossible to collect. You’ll understand that if you are a successful inventor or inventors, and you have a successful invention or inventions, you will get ripped off by copycat competitors.

PART 2 of DON’T File a Patent! describes many useful tips and strategies to encourage inventors to manufacture and sell their products themselves. You’ll read about several other inventors and entrepreneurs that are making and selling their products themselves, as you should be doing. You’ll also learn about two of the best books available on Positioning and PR.

The valuable information in my DON’T File a Patent! book, including First Class Shipping, will cost you less than 10% of a 1 hour consultation with a patent attorney. With the many useful tips for inventors, entrepreneurs and anyone starting a business, DON’T File a Patent! is a great value. This book is positioned for the small business or inventor who may not have a lot of money, yet wants to protect his invention and be a success. It can also be used by patent attorneys as a helpful tool to better communicate with their inventor clients.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1: DON’T File a Patent! The Patent Office wants your money, not your invention
Chapter 6: How to manufacture your product yourself
Chapter 11: Attorneys are like Pac Man
Chapter 16: Protect your invention without a patent
Chapter 19: 12 ways to market your product for under $1,000

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